Having spent the first formative years of your life growing up in Sicily under the shadow of the family business your time has come.
Making full use of the experience you have gained under the tutelage of your family, growing, manufacturing and distributing all types of drugs.
The preferred methods of disposing of those unwanted competitors plus of course the managing of your workforce.
How to keep all those ladies in your employ happy as well as the punters who visit them and of course not forgetting how to maintain your funds by the unauthorised withdrawal from financial institutions.
Being no longer trapped by all the rules and folklore attached to the business in Sicily you are ready to take your own entrepreneurial skills to the USA.
Having acquired a one way ticket to the USA you spend a few weeks trying to get together some money for your planned business venture in the Promised Land. You finally manage to get $1000 after stealing some of it from your father’s safe, knowing that if you are caught it will mean certain death.
After a boring flight you arrive in New York and have to make a decision, what will your chosen path be......... Hitman, Robber, Gangster or Pimp?
Total Players
Game Age
32 Days